Sunday, May 22, 2011

Secular SriLanka

Living outside Sri Lanka for over an year now, I'm beginning to appreciate aspects of secular governance in a country. 'Secular Sri Lanka' is a movement (mainly online driven) which attempts to drive the importance of 'Separating the constitution of Sri Lankan state (i.e governance) from religion'. It started quite recently and so far I've read some good articles by its activists. There are many many writings in the web for secularism related work internationally, although recently the focus seem to be more on atheism.

Secularism is an important step in the progress of a nation as can be seen the world around. Starting from European nations like Scandinavian based countries to Asian countries like China and even India have achieved different levels of secularism in their states. On the other hand countries like the USA has diverted from its secular roots and moved more towards a Christian nation thus locking horns with other extreme Muslim nations. This discussion is specially relevant in Sri Lanka with the revamped march towards a religious state in recent times. Also there are several articles in Sinhalese which is a positive in itself.

Secularism enhances objective decision making at a state level and encourages every citizen in the country to work together regardless of their individual beliefs.

I'd like to point to some interesting articles I read recently from 'Secular Sri Lanka' facebook group for interested readers.

The links to the website, blog and the facebook group of Secular Sri Lanka can be found here, here and here .

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