Thursday, February 25, 2010

ASP.Net 4.0

We have been living in the ASP.Net 2.0 world for too long. The latest and the (not-so) greatest (because its beta) ASP.Net version (.Net framework 4.0 beta) is out for a while with the latest version of Visual Studio as well. Some of the key new features of the new ASP.Net version are mentioned below for you to realize that ASP.Net 2.0 is too old for our own good.

There was a lot of hype around ASP.Net MVC in the past few months and it had mislead people to think that the next versions of ASP.Net is all MVC. Actually speaking ASP.Net 4.0 consists of lot more. ASP.Net MVC is just 1 of 4 main components.

The 4 components are;

1. ASP.Net Web Forms (What we use to know - However lot of new things here as well)
2. ASP.Net MVC
3. Ajax
4. Dynamic Data

The purpose of this post is to discuss new features added to ASP.Net web forms and will be really useful for someone who's not particularly interested in MVC but still want to try out new ASP.Net version.

Let me list down some cool features of ASP.Net 4.0

1. FormView Control
- Uses CSS instead of Tables to create the layout (Efficiency)
- Standard Compliant (Better chance of cross-browser compatiblity)

2. ViewState changes
- Always turned off by default
- Base control classes has a new property 'ViewStateMode' which can be used to put it on only when needed

3, Client ID
- It used to be lengthy non-predictable Client IDs. With this one users have flexibility over how client - IDs are generated
- A new property 'ClientIdMode' is introduced which has values like 'static','Predictable' etc.

4. ASP.Net routing
- Originally for MVC, but a more simpler version is available for web forms now.
- Rest like simpler, SEO friendly URLs

5. QueryExtender Control
- Filters DB results according to client side selections. Limits number of DB calls and optimizes the application.

6. ASP.Net Core Enhancements
- Session State Compression
- Cache improvements
- Browser capability extender

I will try to discuss in more detail about the areas which I find useful in some upcoming blog.
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