Friday, December 11, 2009

War Heroes - Then and Now

This was drawn by the artist on 9th October 2009. Much before any SF-Presidential election story. Should appreciate his futuristic view.

However I’m pretty sure that couple of more notices (even after the one in front) are still missing. But don’t worry, we will soon see them….in TV, Radio and Roads.

The Sri Lankan people surely know how to do 'Kelaguna Salakeema'. It's in our blood man!

Just think about the sheer effort, resources and money put in to the huge campaign of the government. The propaganda units of the Nazis would learn a few things from this. Who pays for all these?

I was no fan of war anyways but the way treat someone who had saved the government asses so far which hasn't done anything positive beside the war (i.e in the minds of majority Sinhalese at least) is shameful. If they treat someone like SF this way, what do you expect they'll do with someone like Lasantha.

I thought Sri Lanka was only going in circles. Now I think we are just a turning our selves to a well functioning time machine, only thing is this goes back in time in record speeds.

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