Monday, October 26, 2009

You Tube Pickups

The best way to overcome the laziness to blog is to pick interesting stuff you come across in Internet directly to your blog. Call it stealing, cheap writing or whatever...that's what I'm gonna do right now!

1. An inspirational talk by Maldivian president at the U.N. This is a good lesson to Sri Lankan
'මහ ජනතාව' (General Public) who are used to highly emotional yet out of context roller-coaster 'Ego Rides' caused by our leaders talking to international audiences. This guy looks in to the future while we keep going backwards in search of our 2500 year old holy-land.

2. Although not directly relevant to SriLanka, the discussions on Universal Health Care in US is a good source of learning. At SriLanka we should be in good hands since our Health Care is basically a Universal Health Care system, but lack of application and discipline has made it a mess. All capable people are relying on private hospitals for their well being while lots of innocent go ill-treated by public health system day by day.

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