Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pickups II

Here are few things I came across which caught my interest

1. Indika sent me this great article about something we have know for a long time, but conveniently ignored even longer.
"Characterizing people as non-linear first-order components in software development"

2. Saminda, a former work colleague at Eurocenter, who works for WSO2 now, has created this firefox add-on which enables seamless transition between English and Sinhalese based on 'Singlish' scheme. Specially useful for Sinhala users who do not want to learn the typical Sinhalese keyboard.

3. Rang Di Basanti is one of the best hindi movies I've seen (Better than slumdog). The song 'Lukka Chuppi' is a hypothetical dialog between the recently dead soldier son and his mother. The son is treated as a hero by everyone (And he himself conside himself to be one), but does it erase the void set in mothers heart ever? Facinating lyrics, music, vocals...and really relevant for the current times in Sri Lanka.

Lyrics with Meaning

I suggest you watch the video along side the lyrics/meaning. Even better if you could watch the whole movie.

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