Thursday, March 12, 2009

Backup Essentials

Everyone of us has to format our hard disks once in a while. After switching to Vista I did that many times :). Although the usual data backup is done by most of us, I thought of putting down a list of things that we tend to overlook.

1. Outlook Mail files (pst)
2. Outlook rules
3. Outlook personal contacts

1. Favorites
2. Scrapbook
3. History
4. Passwords

Go here to find an easy way to backup complete firefox profile.

1. Settings (Special Blocks like TCP ports/Applications etc..)

1. Odbc DSNs
2. hosts file
3. Special gateway settings / TCP-IP (Eg: routes)

1. Message History

1. All web sites and their settings in local IIS
Backing up IIS differs from one version to another. You have to do some googling and some tests to figure it out for your version of IIS.

A shortcut for all this could be to backup your windows profile directory. But it won't be a complete solution as some of the above could be saved in other locations.

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