Sunday, November 30, 2008

Opera Mini on NOKIA 6500

I bought a NOKIA 6500 slide and was very interested to see how the Opera browser would work on it. I had once worked with a colleague from India, Deepak who now works for Opera. He had given me enough reasons to at least try it. So I decided to go for Opera Mini. But getting it to work was not so straight forward. In this post I will explain how I got it to work step by step.

From my service provider I got the web settings such that the default browser started to work. Well, Opera cannot be so far away now…So I downloaded Opera Mini to my laptop and transferred and installed it on the phone. But when I started Opera I was surprise to see the "Failed to connect to the Internet". In this article the cause for this problem is explained in detail. In short the reason is that the service providers use an internal Access Point setting which results in no Access Point being available in the phone. So the solution is to create your own Access Point with the settings found on the internal Access Point used by the internal browser. The disappointing thing is that the mobile phone manufactures do a terrible job of documenting these things and also the opera mini settings page does not list Sri Lankan service provider details plus does not also have Sri Lankan network details.

  1. Menu > Configuration Settings > Personal Config. Settings >
  2. You will be able to see the existing web connection or access point. Write down all its details.
  3. Now under Personal Config. Settings choose Options > New > Access Point and provide the details
  4. These are the details I provided
    1. Account Name - MyAP
    2. Data Bearer - Packet Data
    3. Under Bearer Settings provide exact same details you found under Bearer Details in the default browser access point.
  5. Now under Menu > Configuration Settings > Preferred Access Point provide the name of the AP you just created (MyAP)

After that Opera Mini (Or Other Data Applications) will start to connect to Internet.

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