Monday, October 13, 2008


One of the biggest news to hit the media in recent times is the US economic turmoil, which in turns affects other parts of the world in different strengths. The hottest story before this in my mind was the 9/11. In addition one of my main areas of interests is the concept of religion. I have come across a documentary this weekend which discusses and disects ares similar to the above. This is a very popular documentary which is placed in top 5 of the all time best documentaries in imdb. Say HI to 'Zeitgeist, the movie'. After Micheal Moore documentaries, this is the most interested I have become for films of this kind. While Micheal Moore clearly exhibits his hatred towards a certain set of people and focus groups Zeitgeist projects a much broader view of a system which is built upon greed and lies.

Zeitgeist identifies a triplet of myths upon which the current world empire is built upon. The myth of religion, country and prosperity. These are 3 symbols of modern americansim where it's metrialized (Clearly mentioned over and over again in current US elections) as faith (Christinaity), national security (anti-terrorsim) and economic wealth. The movie clearly articulates that all 3 of these is based on either pure myth or is a carefully staged act to make sure that a few can prospour in the expense of a blind-folded nation (world). The movie also is clearly in 3 parts where I prefer the third part which talks about how the central banks (Federal Reserve) have consumed countries in to a never ending debt cycle. And that it's merely a property of the system to have recurring cycles of booms and busts (recessions) is cleary understood. The fact that the movie was made much before the current economic problems speaks volumes. Almost everything in part III of the movie can be related to the current economic problems.

On the other hand it's the internet which had made Zeitgeist a runaway hit after it has been freely distributed in google video. Also the main authors of the film Jaque Fresco an Architect, Engineer and a Futurist has used Internet to spread his ideas for a long time. Jaques main idea is to use science, nature and technology instead of religion, politics and money to decide the future of our world. I suggest everyone of us watch this movie and treat it not as just another 9/11 conpiracy theory but take the more broader view to change our own lives and then our societies in turn.

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