Sunday, October 26, 2008

Eurocenter - CMMI Level 3 Company

Eurocenter, the company I work for has achieved one of its biggest milestone by becoming the first Sri Lankan software company to achieve CMMI Level 3 Dev maturity level. CMMI is a process improvement model proposed by SEI (Software Engineering Institute - Carnegie Melon). The exact achievement of Eurocenter is CMMI for Development version 1.2. Out of the 22 processes in CMMI Dev 1.2 Eurocenter was evaluated for 17 processes up until Level 3 which is depicted below. Out of this Supplier Agreement Management was not considered as its not part of Eurocenter Core Processes.

This project started more than 1 year ago involving many colleagues at Eurocenter. I was involved in the SEPG group which was focused on defining processes. Also the project I was involved in pass year was considered as one of the two focus projects which got evaluated for all 17 processes. My process area was Engineering and the processes were Requirement Development, Technical Solution, Verification and Decision Analysis and Resolution. It was a great learning experience and a test for all of us. The achivement has proved that Eurocenter is now leveling with the best companies of the world in terms of process.
Have a look at the list of companies who had achieved various maturity levels up until now. I will update the post as soon as Eurocenter is also officially added.
CMMI wikipedia site is here.

UPDATE : Eurocenter had officially awarded CMMI Level 3 certification. Check this link for the official CMMI page.

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