Monday, May 12, 2008

Kite Runner - For you thousand times over

I recently had to stay behind at home due to me being sick. I used up the time to watch some good movies. The one which caught most of my attention and my appreciation afterwards was 'Kite Runner'. Kite Runner tries to capture the guilt and tormentation of an Afghan writer living in America tries of the betrayal of his childhood friend. He decides to 'be good again' by rescuing the son of his then killed friend from the Taliban. This is an adaptation of a novel by the Afghan-American writer 'Khaled Hosseini'. The film brought me back memories of feelings I got after watching English Patient some time back. The strong feelings of friendship runs through the film and binds the viewer like the Kite is bind via the string to the little boys.

I really loved the score of the movie. The English hymn played when Amir's search for little Shorab becomes in vain and when he goes to mosque is heart warming. And I'd love to know the meaning of the song played at the wedding festival. I will start an Internet search to get the soundtrack and post as soon as I find it. Also I started an affection towards the language (Dari Persian). The songs as well as the tones of speech were really warm and touching and rich. The mono-tone view of the Arab world by people like us who really see the Arabs through American lenses is another aspect of my perceptions that can change over time due to this movie. The official movie web site is also very attractive (Don't forget to listen to soundtrack excerpts). I highly recommend any one of you to watch this movie. I know I'm going to watch it again with my wife this weekend.
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