Thursday, January 03, 2008

Visit to Sandefjord, Norway

As per a request by one of our clients in Norway, me together with 3 other engineers had to travel to Southern Norway to a small city called Sandefjord. We stayed there for a period of 4 weeks during the month of September. This was my first exposure to winter like weather and it was luckily not the fully fledged winter but the autumn.

We were working on a potential Portal project for our customer 'System Partner Norge AS' (SPN). SPN is a Software Product vendor for a very popular credit management system called 'Predator'. The initial study of their requirements together with the knowledge about their internal systems were acquired during our stay.

The working conditions in Norway is much different to what we have here in Sri Lanka. It's kind of small office based arrangements as opposed to tiny cubicles we have at Sri Lanka. The people are somewhat reserved but once you get to know them they seem to be friendly and kind. The facilities you find in SPN is of very high quality as oppose to an normal Sri Lankan software firm. Also the outside environment close to the harbor and protected camping area make it much more pleasing to the eye compared to the busy, smoking cities like Colombo & Bangalore. All in all Norway is a pretty good country to live & work if not for the cold weather.

During this visit I was able to travel briefly to some other European cities as well like Amsterdam, Fedrickshavn (Denmark), Stromstaud (Sweden). It was a really novel experience for me to travel on a ferry and the overnight journey to Denmark will never be forgotten.

SPN Office near the harbor

Overlooking SPN from the sea

Our customer Hans with me & my co-engineer Chatura

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