Monday, August 20, 2007

Dilbert Blog

Most of the readers of a blog should have read or seen Dilbert. The cartoon engineer whom we all can relate to along with his colleagues all of whom we can relate to again. After being a dilbert fan for a while I started reading Dilbert creator Scott Adams blog. Let me tell you, Scotts blog is n times (n>1) funnier than Dilbert it self. Can u imagine it? Yep..its true.

Dilbert blog has several kinds of entries. What catches me most is Scotts ability to convert a normal situation to an extremely funny one without much effort at all.Some interesting things he talks about are his crazy (yet sounding very much practicle) innovations, question of the day, science and relegion, media, immigration etc...

Out of 100s of useful blogs which can give me loads of knowldege and information I make it a point to read Dilbert Blog each day! You should also subscribe to its RSS here.

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