Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Are we killers?

The Virginia Tech massacre is one of many incidents of a raged or so called disturbed human being killing his fellow beings without any known/common motives like war, poverty, robbery, personal fight etc...

After identifying the killer the  media is slowly but surely convincing us that he is indeed an abnormal human being who had shown signs of this from his childhood and in the recent past and so called authorities haven't paid enough attention to chase him out of the society. So making sure that out of the ordinary people like 'Cho' are identified properly and put to mental hospitals might save us from future similar incidents. Or will it?

It is now known that 'Cho' was a consistent fun-factor in school & college. His quite style and peculiar way of English speaking had been a reason for other students to make fun of him. And the natural distant relationships existing in many developed countries like US had not allowed anyone to be close to 'Cho'.  After 9/11 the Bush regime has done whatever is possible to inflict fear upon its citizens and had succeeded in BIG time. Many of the US people now feel that the whole world is just plotting their fall day & night, thanks to Mr.Bush & co. Naturally this makes a foreign skin so much more alien to US citizens and make it much more difficult to build close connections with those people.

I'm sure we ourselves have neglected so many similar situations in our day to day work. Do u have any people in u'r office who doesn't interact with u like others do? Have u thought about why they behave like that? Can u do something about it? I'm sure you agree with me that making a better connection with such people is better.

My argument is that although we haven't gone wild and shot people in our school or neighborhood we definitely have assisted in some way or the other for killings like this. A real tiny negligence could be the life changing 'Butterfly Effect'  for another person.

Please pay more attention to people around you. Not in the sense where u try to identify whether that person is a threat and to make sure he/she is taken out from the system. But to make that person a part of the society, how different that person may be from the norm.

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