Thursday, March 22, 2007

Uninstall the Uninstallers - $NtUninstall

Recently I ran out of my C drive space. The whole Microsoft package of Windows, Office, Visual Studio, Sql Server is way too much for my space capabilities.

Anyway I needed to check how I can free some space on C since I don't have much faith in Partition Magic when I have ard 20GB of data in my C drive.

What I noticed was the existance of a lot of $NTUninstall folders in my windows directory. These contain the uninstall information for all the hotfixes that Microsoft sends out each and everyday. It has consumed nearly 500 MB of my precious disk space.  You can go ahead and change them manually as described here, but I'm too old to do that so went for this tool which does it for me.

You should know a few things before u let the tool does its magic.

  1. This removal process is one-way. It can not be undone
  2. You have to purchase the licence to remove hotfixes selectevly, otherwise all hot fixes will be removed
  3. You will not notice the space gain for some time since backup files are protected by System restore

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- Albert Einstein

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