Saturday, December 10, 2005

Thought of writing down a note of a different sense. You all know that christmas is near by. What do u think about Christmas decorations? Well, all the shopping centers and streets are getting decorated these days. Incidently I got a chance to stand beside a set of people who were doing some Christmas decorations at a shopping mall in Colombo during day time. It was extremely hot and sunny and these poor fellows were virtually toasted. And I saw and heard how frustrated they are with this whole Christmas decorations stuff :).

And I begun to wonder how ironic it is that the same thing which is being loved and cherished by so many people bring frustration to another set of people. This becomes even more interesting when you get to know that all these Christmas decorations are meant for a commercial purpose (Virtually to pickpocket) rather than to show the true spirit of Christmas.

So count me in as one frustrated "observer" of Christmas decorations at commercial places. (Of course your own small X-Mas tree at home is something totally different)

Merry Pre X-Mas everyone. :)
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